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TrueFan is changing the way we connect with our favourite Bollywood celebrities. The app allows users to send out requests for specific things, like getting a personalized happy birthday wish from someone’s favourite Bollywood star! Imagine if you could get a distinct video message on your special day? Now it does not matter where in India or even what time zone your friend resides – he or she will always feel loved when receiving such kind gestures.

TrueFan is the ultimate way to get personalized video messages from your favourite Bollywood actors. The app has many top stars, including Kareena Kapoor Khan, Janhvi Kapoor Ananya Pandey and Jacqueline Fernandez, so you are sure not to be disappointed! Download it on an iOS device or Android now. Win the chosen Bollywood actor’s movie and get a personalized video message as the best birthday gift. Isn’t this one of the best online birthday gift ideas?