How TrueFan is making happy birthday wishes messages more accessible to Bollywood fans?

The happy birthday wishes from your favourite Bollywood celebrities are just a click away! You can find the perfect wish on the TrueFan app. It allows you to send personalized video messages and birthday gifts from famous people like Kareena Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Janhvi Kapoor or Ananya Panday, who have big followings online.

Kareena Kapoor sends happy birthday wishes messages; Jacqueline Fernandez assured everyone who made it through another year deserves the best birthday wishes. Then, Janhvi Kapoor popped up at a birthday party just so she could wish the birthday boy good luck in this world – all while charging ₹299!

Abhinav Dubey got Kareena Kapoor to wish his wife, Shilpa. “It was just 35 seconds long, but it was enough to lift her mood, and it is something she will have for life,” he says. “Kareena Kapoor greeted everyone and wished her for 30th birthday.” Dubey from Mumbai paid ₹299 for the pre-recorded video message via TrueFan.

When Gowri, a chartered accountant from Ahmedabad, wanted to make her work bestie’s birthday more memorable, she reached out to TrueFan. Instead of sending an email or making phone calls like most people do in these situations, Gowri got one step ahead. She got Jacqueline Fernandez to send customized video message. It meant not just professionally but also personally when she shared with those who have been there for her throughout all stages together.

The Bollywood celebrities have said that this is an opportunity to reach out and connect with fans more than even Twitter or Instagram allows. “I can be part of special moments, family celebrations,” says Janhvi Kapoor. She also adds how it allows her the chance “to give back some love” which has been given to her over time by other people through their requests for happy birthday wishes just because they are struggling during these difficult times we live in right now.

A simple rule to remember: If you need new details added or want to change what a celebrity says in your video message, then, unfortunately, there is no going back. You will have ordered the original version of this product so any changes made can’t be refunded due to authenticity purposes.

You can save and share your favourite Bollywood actor’s video messages with the TrueFan app. The content will be saved for personal use only. It is not allowed to make money from these clips or sell them as Ads on social media platforms such as Twitter, etc. All copyrights remain the property of their respective owners; we provide some tools which allow you easier access so that watching video messages becomes less tedious than before!