Video Messages are Personalized Gifts For Friends & Family!

A Celebrity Video Message is a maximum 30-seconds long video of the chosen Bollywood actor’s message to the person for whom the request has been sent.Video Messages are a great gifting idea for friends and family. At TrueFan, we offer three categories of wishes that can be used for various occasions.
Here are the three Video Message categories to help you choose:


Birthday Wishes from Bollywood Actors!

A video in which the chosen Bollywood celebrity wishes the best birthday ever for whom the birthday wish is requested.Celebrity Video Messages are the best birthday gift you can give your loved ones.Looking for the perfect birthday wishes for sister, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend? Can’t find customized gifts online in India? TrueFan App is the place! Get Bollywood actors to send birthday wishes for friends and family!


Best Wishes from Bollywood Actors

A video in which the chosen Bollywood celebrity wishes good luck and says a positive message for whom the Best Wish video is requested. If you know a friend in need of a Good Luck wish for new job, life ahead, studies, what better idea than surprising them with a wish from a Bollywood actor! Not only would you be putting a smile on their face but also helping them say bye-bye to any kind of stress.


Motivational Messages from Bollywood Actors

An encouraging video by the chosen Bollywood celebrity for whom the video has been requested. Got a friend looking for some motivation in life or you need a pick-me-up? TrueFan celebrity Motivational Video Message got you covered!