Personalization is the key when it comes to birthday gifts, and TrueFan offers customers to select the exact message they want their favorite celebrity to deliver. TrueFan offers you the opportunity to purchase personalized video messages from your favorite celebrities. These videos can be used for any occasion, but they are especially popular for birthdays. TrueFan offers three main benefits: personalization, affordability, and convenience. Affordability is also important while purchasing a gift and the TrueFan app makes it easy for you to get a video message at really affordable prices. Finally, convenience is crucial when it comes to birthday gifts. With TrueFan, customers can purchase and receive their gifts in just a few clicks. As a result, the TrueFan app is the perfect option for those looking for unique and affordable birthday surprise ideas.

Expensive birthday gifts are not always the best way to show someone you care. In today’s digital era, one of the best ways to make someone feel special on their birthday is to send them a personalized video message from a TrueFan app. Here are three benefits of using TrueFan for online birthday surprise ideas:

1. Personalised video messages from celebrities: What could be more special than receiving a birthday wishes by celebrity? TrueFan makes it possible to request personalized video messages from celebrities in India. Simply select the celebrity you want to send a message to and provide some basic information about the recipient, such as their name and age. Then, sit back and watch as your loved one’s face lights up when they receive their birthday surprise.

2. Unique birthday gifts: Another great benefit of using TrueFan is that you can select from a variety of Celebrity Video Messages. These videos are unique birthday gifts for loved ones. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which video to choose – our team of experts will help you select the perfect clip for your recipient.

3. Cost-effective: Perhaps the best benefit of using TrueFan for online birthday surprise ideas is that it’s cost-effective. With our service, there’s no need to spend much on expensive gifts. Simply choose the type of video message you want to send and we’ll take care of the rest. Further, our affordable prices make it easy to stay within your budget.

Why wait? Get started today and make this year’s birthday celebration one to remember with TrueFan!


Personalized video messages: How are they created?

Here is the process followed to make personalized video messages:

Step 1: Make sure your favorite celebrity mentions your name. For instance, “Hi Pooja!”

Step 2: Celebrities record many common wishes for a lot of TrueFans in a period of every 60 days.

Step 3: We combine your name and wish to create truly personalized video messages for you.

Step 4: Video messages then go through minor touch-ups before delivering them to you so that you can feel happy with what we have done.

In short, it starts by selecting the recipients and then customizing your specifications. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself, including your name and contact details like your mobile number, before being taken straight into production, where we can get started!