The art of being a TrueFan of Kareena Kapoor Khan

It is challenging to reply to every message sent through social media when Bollywood celebrities are engaging with their fans. However, they can take advantage of live videos on Instagram by shout-outing one specific user at certain points during the stream; these quick nods give fans get the privileged feeling! Still, not all Kareena Kapoor fans get the same honour. If you want the right source of pride, we may have found an answer for you! With technology changing so much, your favourite Bollywood stars could be right at your fingertips!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get Kareena Kapoor Khan to convey birthday wishes for your friend on your behalf? Of course, this sounds ridiculous and even nutty. But wasn’t the concept that we would all have our food delivered 24×7, just like in any other decade ago, seemed crazy 10 years back? Since then, India has been through some significant changes – from embracing eCommerce initiatives such as Amazon’s Prime service which started off with delivering books only but now includes everything else under one roof including diapers when needed at midnight!

TrueFan is a platform that caters to Bollywood celebrities such as Kareena Kapoor. It aims to be the largest influencer fan-based commerce network and partners with them so you can get your favourite Bollywood stars on your screen!

Kareena Kapoor is looking forward to connecting more personally with her fans. She says, “It has been an honour and pleasure entertaining you guys throughout my career – I can’t wait for this new opportunity!”

Are you wondering how TrueFan works? Let us break it down for you.

  • Choose Kareena Kapoor from the list of available Bollywood celebrities to get a happy birthday video message
  • Click on Book Now to proceed
  • Enter details such as who is the video message for, the occasion, mobile number
  • Click on Proceed
  • Take part in the celebrity quiz to prove you are a true Kareena Kapoor fan

True Kareena Kapoor fans will pass with flying colours for this celebrity quiz:

  • How many dresses did Kareena Kapoor wear in the Hindi movie Heroine?
  • How many Bollywood films has Kareena Kapoor done which starred Tusshar Kapoor?
  • Which is the Hindi movie where Kareena Kapoor played a character named Pooja, apart from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham?
  • Which is the song that is sung by Kareena Kapoor?
  • What is Kareena Kapoor’s favourite colour?
  • Which celebrity confessed to having a crush on Kareena Kapoor in an interview?
  • Who is Kareena Kapoor’s favourite designer?

Win the celebrity quiz to get a birthday gift in a form of happy birthday short video message from Kareena Kapoor at ₹299.

You can’t help but love TrueFan video messages. The videos are so interactive and fun. Kareena Kapoor fans are going crazy over them. Claim your celebrity personalized video messages now!