5 Reasons Why Kareena Kapoor Is the Queen of Bollywood

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of India’s most famous Bollywood celebrities. Her career has been marred by hits and defining moments that helped launch many careers in Bollywood. She lives up to each character she plays which makes it difficult for anyone else to take on this role because there will always be someone better than you can ever hope to become, even though both may seem similar at first glance!

Here are some of the main reasons why Kareena Kapoor is the Queen of Bollywood.

1. Movies

Kareena Kapoor is one of the most influential Bollywood actors. Her movies have impacted lives and lifestyles across India with their message about female empowerment and love stories between ordinary people from different social backgrounds!

2. Variety

When one thinks of the most versatile and talented actors in Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor’s name always comes up. The list she has played is endless. From a college student to a girlfriend, and wife, each role demands her complete attention because it would be difficult otherwise. But that just means there are more opportunities for viewers who watch Kareena Kapoor movies!

3. Item songs

Kareena Kapoor is one of the few actors who have never been afraid to dance in item songs. While other actresses were hesitant for fear, they would forever become known as “item girls,” Kareen dared and went ahead with dancing to many special songs. These include It’s Rocking from Kya Love Story Hai, Marjaani from Billu, Fevicol Se from Dabangg 2 and Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita from Rowdy Rathore.

4. Fashion

Kareena Kapoor has always been one to stand out from the crowd, and she’s done so with her fashion sense. From creating trends instantaneously on demand at any given time in modern society where everyone is striving for perfection–Kareen can capture every clothe-dipper’s heart. She makes them look great while having an impeccable elegance about herself no matter what event or opportunity comes along next!

5. Attitude

Kareen Kapoor is a boss babe. She has the confidence and style of someone who knows what they’re doing, even if it doesn’t matter to them at all! In this day and age when so many people are trying too hard – whether you like it or not, having an elegance about yourself without being overbearing can go a long way towards making sure others respect your abilities.

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