Valentine week and valentine's gifts

February is the month of love. Valentine’s week is celebrated in many countries across the world. It is observed on the seven days leading up to February 14, Valentine’s Day. To mark valentines week celebrations, people celebrate it by expressing their love for each other, by exchanging cards, flowers, or gifts that are referred to as ‘valentine’s gifts.’ Let’s take a look at Valentine’s Week :

1) Rose Day: February 7

Rose Day marks the beginning of Valentine’s week. On this day, people gift each other roses. Every colour signifies something, a red rose signifies love, a yellow rose signifies friendship. This rose day, get a rose for every special person in your life. You can also get a bouquet of your partner’s favourite flowers and make it a customized gift.

2) Propose Day: February 8

Propose day is the second day of valentine’s week. On propose day, people gather all their courage to express their love. They usually get on one knee and propose to their crush, expressing all their love. If you also like someone, this propose day get some flowers and chocolates and express your feelings. This is your chance, you might end up having a great Valentine’s day this year. And did you know that you can now get Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez to help you with Valentine’s surprise for your valentine? YES! Download the TrueFan App and get this incredibly new and unique gift for your partner!

3) Chocolate Day: February 9

Now comes the third day of Valentine’s week which is Chocolate day. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Be it dark, sweet, white, or in any form, everyone loves chocolate. On chocolate day, people gift each other chocolates as a token of love and care. This chocolate day, pamper every special person in your life with a chocolate box that you can easily order online also, it is an easy option and also one of the best online gift ideas. You can even get customized chocolates, in different flavours or shapes, making it a great customized gift for chocolate lovers.

4) Teddy Day: February 10

Teddy day is the fourth day of Valentine’s week. The most difficult time for couples is when they have to stay apart, they miss each other terribly. A teddy is often considered to be something that your partner can hug in your absence. Gift your partner a teddy on this teddy day that they can hug and sleep every night thinking about you. Make your teddy day more special by giving a cuddly teddy bear to your partner.

5) Promise Day: February 11

The fifth day of Valentine’s week is Promise day. Promises are to be kept forever, especially the promises made on the promise day. Couples often promise to love each other and be there for each other on this day. It’s a day when you commit to your partner, you express your love and promise to care for them and love them always. If you think you have found the one then make a promise of love on this promise day. There’s no other better day and time to make this promise.

6) Hug Day: February 12

Next in Valentine’s week comes hug day, which is the sixth day of valentine’s week. Nothing makes a person happier than hugging that special person, hug day represents that exact emotion. Melting in the embrace of your loved ones is one of the warmest feelings. On hug day, don’t forget to tightly hug all your loved ones and make them feel wonderful.

7) Kiss Day: February 13

Just before Valentine’s day comes kiss day, which is the seventh day of Valentine’s week. After all the valentine’s week gifts, pampering, and after forming the trust and a solid relationship foundation, all there’s left to do is a kiss that makes your relationship purer and strong. On kiss day, come closer to your partner by expressing your love through a kiss.

8) Valentine’s Day: February 14

Now comes the D-day, Valentine’s day on February 14. After a week full of love and gestures, it’s time to go on Valentine’s day date and get some valentine’s day gifts. Your partner deserves a special gift. This day will forever be memorable for both of you so make sure to make it special with your unique gift ideas.
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