Digital Gifts

Digital gifts for birthdays are the perfect way to go this year if you are overwhelmed with presents. Do not let your creativity fall victim to all that extra effort it takes to get together some traditional items! Instead, check out these awesome digital gift ideas from around the web. They will make anyone happy on their birthday despite where they live or who is not able to join them during the celebrations season. Browse through these creative digital gift ideas to find the perfect birthday gift for daughter.

  1. A Streaming Service Membership

    The digital world is expanding at a rapid pace, and we are here to keep up. No matter what your loved ones want or need for their birthday this year – whether it be something streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, they will thank you when they receive a streaming service membership that enables to watch new content every day!

  2. A YouTube Premium Subscription

    The sound of rain against the windshield and the crackle of campfire ignition are all examples of what ASMR stands for. It is a soothing experience that can put you in droves if you are sleeping or help keep you focused on the tasks at hand when it feels like too much work! One thing this means? No more having to worry about ads popping-up throughout videos while trying not lose grip with whatever task one has going around them. Now, we get our peaceful slumber without interruption from pesky commercials.

  3. A Virtual Gym Membership

    Fitness enthusiasts are not missing out on margarita happy hours during social distancing – they are stuck at home, doing their workouts and attempting to get in shape. Thankfully there is the next best thing you can gift them with virtual gym subscriptions for the ultimate fitness experience!

  4. An Adobe Subscription

    Graphic designers, marketers and other creatives can get a ton of use out of Photoshop — it is essential software for anyone with a creative side. Photographers will learn how to layer images together or blend them smoothly to make great-looking photos that instantly catch people’s attention! And those who draw on their free time might want to take things one step further by bumping up Editing tools so they too can create animations at ease.

  5. A Spotify Premium Subscription

    The perfect digital gift for your favourite music lover! You can download and play any songs offline with a Spotify Premium subscription. You also get unlimited skips of ads. So, they never have to hear another commercial again. Plus, it is easy to share playlist creations because all users share the same library with millions more alternatives than regular radio stations.

Digital gifts for birthdays are the perfect solution for those who have everything but still want to give something meaningful. If your loved one is a beer lover and you are stuck on what gift would be best suited for them then look no further than sending out some of the aforementioned digital gifts. You can also give a piece of custom artwork or a personalized video message from favourite Bollywood celebrity.

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