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How to use TrueFan App?

Would you like to win a customized video greeting from Kareena Kapoor, your favorite Bollywood actress? TrueFan is the ideal solution in that case. All Kareena Kapoor admirers would be thrilled to get this fantastic gift. See what it takes to succeed and receive a video message from Kareena Kapoor.

Download the TrueFan app. Fill in your details. To send a video message, pick Kareena Kapoor from the list of eligible Bollywood stars. Share information like the occasion, the person you want the celebrity video message for, and their mobile number. Participate in the fun celebrity quiz to demonstrate your devotion to Kareena Kapoor. Your knowledge about the Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor will be tested based on your answers for the celebrity quiz.

And once you have successfully answered all the questions, you will receive a video message from Kareena Kapoor in honor of your birthday. We’ll send Kareena Kapoor fans a special video message filled with love, happiness, and well wishes! You can find Kareena Kapoor on the TrueFan App! The Bollywood stars in India are here to share their joy with you on your birthday.