impress crush

Have you ever had a crush on your friend, or on someone in your school/college/office? Getting your crush’s attention with presents, sweet words, or Personalized Video Message will surely going to help you impress your crush with easily. Before we get into how to impress someone using gifts.
You might have to adjust the following gift ideas slightly depending on your crush’s personality and interests, but here are some general gift ideas:

1) Flowers

Everyone loves flowers so they’re a good choice of gift for your crush. Not only that but you can impress someone with a minimum investment by going somewhere like a grocery store and buying them flowers of different kinds. No matter how much money is involved people will be impressed if it’s the thought that counts! Flowers have always been a classic gift idea to confess your feelings, make sure to do it right.

2) Art

If your crush is an art fan then impress your crush by getting some unique gift that shows that you’ve put some thought into what impresses them rather than just throwing money at the problem! For example, go online and find an original piece of art that relates to their interests, online gifts are very popular among the masses these days. Or impress your crush with a print by making one yourself, what is a better gift idea than this!

3) Personalized Video Message from Bollywood Celebrity

The best way to impress your crush would be fulfilling their dream of getting a personalized video message from their favourite Bollywood actor or Bollywood actress. What if Ranveer Singh or Kareena Kapoor sent Personalized Celebrity Messages to your crush from your side? Wouldn’t that be out of world kind of gift for your crush? Well, you can get a personalized video messages from Bollywood celebs like Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Panday, Jacqueline Fernandez, Tiger Shroff, and many more by just playing some quizzes on the TrueFan app. You can do all this from the comfort of your home, the best online gift ever!

4) VIP Event Tickets

All these gift ideas mentioned above are great for impressing someone, but what if your crush’s favourite band is performing nearby? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you got some VIP tickets for that show? If you want to impress quickly without putting too much effort in then this is one of the best ways to impress your crush. Just impress your crush with a VIP ticket to an event they want to go to (but usually can’t get tickets to). This is one of the best gift ideas for any occasion. 

5) Chocolates

Everyone loves chocolates, so impress your crush with a gift box of their favourite kind, you can find out what is their favourite by looking online or asking around. You can order the chocolates online, which is much easier and an online gift never fails to impress anyone. You can even impress your crush with some personalized chocolates, get them made in some particular shape or get personalized packaging for the chocolates, making it a great personalized gift idea to impress your crush. 

6) Accessory

If your crush loves dressing up, then get them some kind of accessory like a pendant, watch, bracelet or anything that will suit their personality, giving a thought to a gift always helps in impressing your crush. There are many accessory gift ideas but you must go with something that will match your crush’s personality. You can also add a personalized card with it and express your true feelings for them through this card, making it a special and personalized gift.

Let’s face it, we all want to impress someone we’re crushing on, but it’s not easy. All you need is to know what kind of things your crush is into. It’ll make it easier for you to impress your crush with gifts. And remember to never fake it when you are trying to impress your crush, always be true to yourself.