5 Things all Kareena Kapoor fans must do

There is no one more expert than Kareena Kapoor Khan when it comes to beauty. She grew up around iconic figures in the industry—her mom had her lipstick line and she was surrounded by makeup from an early age! The reason why this star knows what they’re doing? “I am just DNA-level perfect,” said Kareena Kapoor about herself when asked how she got so good at applying foundation without looking too cakey or heavy-handed during interviews with magazines.

Here are 5 things all Kareena Kapoor fans must do:

1. Have a makeup uniform

Let us all have a makeup uniform!  It is so much easier than trying to find the right shade every time you need it, significantly if your skin changes colour or intolerance issues come up. You may want to try out some new looks and experiment with your style. If that is the case, then having a uniform of sorts could help you stay on top of things when it comes time for work or an event!
Kareena Kapoor’s style is all about comfort and a touch of minimalistic makeup. “I usually wear shades of nude during the day, but at night time I like smoky eyes with statement lips for that extra bit of flair,” she told a Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine! Check out her Instagram account or take another look over these years to see how much has not changed: many elements remain consistent such as colour schemes (nude) and typeface used in various social media posts.
Her one of the posts read like this:
Wake up and makeup is the Monday mood I was waiting for 💯😝

2. Contour your face

The next time you go out, try contouring your face. It is a revolutionary way to sculpt and enhance features that turn heads for miles! Who hasn’t been in awe of Kareena Kapoor’s chiselled cheekbones? A little bit of powder or cream can also help you define your bone structure! Pompy Hans, her long-time makeup artist recommends that we add some colour to our face by using NARS’ Bronzing Powder. He rates the Makeup For Ever foundation among the best for Indian skin tones–it has a natural glow without looking oily on delicate complexions like kajal (eyeliner). The Bobbi Brown Creamweight complexion stick also works well paired with this specific brush—check out its gorgeous liquid metal gold shade if luxury matters most around these parts.

3. Highlight cheekbones

Highlighters are a great way to add some extra grip on your face, whether you use them during the day or at night. “I love using them for their high-illumination factor – they can make an otherwise dull area pop,” Kareena Kapoor revealed. While there is no one perfect product out there in choosing what’s best suited for different skin tones, Kareena Kapoor prefers her highlighting colour close enough so she doesn’t need much skilful application.

4. Use a sea salt spray

Kareena Kapoor’s hairstylist, Yianni Tsapatori says that a sea salt spray is essential for the red-carpet look. “It doesn’t weigh down thinner strands as it does for thicker ones,” the hairstylist said about this product, which can be used when you have no time or need to get ready quickly with just shake and go!

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