How long does it take for my Celebrity Video to be delivered?
It takes an average time of 2-4 days for your celebrity video to be delivered after ideation and scripting.
What is the duration of the Celebrity Brand Video?
The duration of the celebrity brand video depends on the length of the script. Typically, an average video is within a minute.
Do celebrities record the video on their own?
You can either get a self-shot video or a professionally shot video depending on the product you choose.
Can I add my company logo to the video?
Yes! We offer basic editing services. You can share your Brand’s logo and TrueFan shall incorporate the same in your customised celebrity brand video.
How to renew the usage rights of my Celebrity Brand Video / Post?
Reachout to your dedicated brand rep. for usage rights extension.
Why do I need a Celebrity to promote my brand?
In this current digital day and age where all the brands are trying to vie for the attention of potential customers, celebrities help the brands cut through the ice due to their credibility, brand value and trust.
What Celebrity Brand Promotional Services does TrueFan offer?
1) Brand Recorded Video : Promote your brand or get yourself a testimonial (or a specific message) from a wide range of celebrities across the world 2) Posting on Social Media: Get Celebrities to post your content on their social media handle to increase your reach & brand awareness 3) Corporate Events & Gigs: Heartfelt laughter, musical evening or a guest of honour; brands can invite or book a session with a celeb for small or large audience groups 4) Experiences: Indulge and Interact with celebrities and be a part of experiential sessions (Yoga, Meditation, etc.) 5) E-Invites & Corporate Shoutouts: Paper invites / messages are a passe, get celebrities to make video e-invites or wish your customers on behalf of the brand on important occasions 6) TV Commercials: Get your product promoted the professional way by getting it shot at a studio or in front of a green screen via a production team 7) Professional Photoshoots: Make celebs hold your product and use those images for billboard, print and digital advertising 8) Stock Image Purchase: Buy Image rights from celebrity to give your product the ego boost
Where all can I use the celebrity content created via TrueFan?
By default you get the digital rights for the content, which means the content can be used on all social media channels (such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, youtube, etc.). For Print, TV, OTT, App or Website usage, you can reach out to you brand rep to understand the pricing
What are the benefits of promoting my Brand using TrueFan?
1) Lowest cost always due to direct celebrity communication, economies of scale & aggregation model 2) Fastest Turn-around-time from booking to delivery 3) High Degree of Personalization and customization options available 4) Highest celebrity coverage across industries & genre 5) Standardization of Prices across brands & categories 6) End-to-end service available, from handpicking of celebrity, to script creation, to editing & delivering the final content 7) Transparent Pricing and Legal coverage 8) Loved by more than 1000+ brands