How is TrueFan changing the Bollywood fan experience with virtual birthday wishes?

More than ever before, Indian fans are looking to connect with Bollywood celebrities on an individual level. TrueFan has emerged as one of the leading platforms for this type of interaction! It doesn’t matter where you’re from anymore because now everyone can access the virtual birthday wishes without leaving their house at all times, like wardrobe essentials.

Nimish Goel, the founder and CEO of TrueFan, is making it possible for every Bollywood fan to have their lifelong dream come true. He strives to build an interactive platform that will enable fans from all over India to interact with some famous Bollywood celebrities they love!

TrueFan is a platform that celebrates the heart of fandom in its purest form. The founder Nimish found inspiration for this idea after gate-crashing a wedding to meet his dream idol, Virat Kohli.

The encounter with the celebrity had an emotional impact on Nimish. He could relate to how Bollywood fans behave in such situations and this made him want to create a platform where people get their desired Bollywood star moments without any hassle or waiting for too long!

TrueFan is an app that allows you to quiz, interact with and win prizes from your favourite Bollywood celebrities. The company takes a user-centric approach by building its platform around emotional relationships between fans and Bollywood stars rather than the transactional value, which can sometimes be attached to these contests/quizzes etc.

How can you not get TrueFan? It’s the only platform with a CAC as low at just Rs 299! TrueFan has seen massive growth in recent months, with 1.2 million users and 100 videos uploaded daily to their platform! The company is focused on delivering high-quality content for Bollywood fans. Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ananya Pandey and Janhvi Kapoor are available at one place through an app download required before requesting a Personalized Celebrity Videos. Unlike other platforms, there won’t be hours’ worth of waiting around.

TrueFan has become the go-to place for India’s A-list Bollywood celebrities. They offer everything you could ever want to do with your favourite Bollywood stars, from getting virtual birthday wishes or motivational tips!

In the near term, TrueFan’s founders are focused on expanding their user base and building up a portfolio of Bollywood celebrities that can be leveraged for marketing purposes. In longer terms, they aim to create an all-encompassing platform where fans will have more opportunities forms communities with other like-minded individuals while enjoying high-quality content curated by the ‘TrueFan team.’